Why should Blackhawk join the PSBA?

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) is a nonprofit organization that serves as a collective voice for public education in the state of Pennsylvania. Founded with the mission to promote excellence in school board governance through leadership, service, and advocacy, the PSBA provides a range of resources, training, and networking opportunities for school boards across the state. It offers timely updates on legislation affecting education, conducts research, and provides tools that help board members make more informed decisions. By working closely with educational stakeholders, lawmakers, and community leaders, the PSBA aims to create an educational environment conducive to student achievement, fiscal responsibility, and the well-being of communities.

Here are some reasons why our school board should consider becoming a member of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association:

Educational Advocacy

Being part of a larger organization amplifies the voice and impact of individual school boards. The PSBA engages in lobbying efforts and public awareness campaigns that advocate for adequate and equitable funding, educational quality, and other critical issues.

Professional Development

PSBA provides workshops, seminars, and conferences that are tailored specifically for school board members, administrators, and other educational leaders. These educational opportunities cover topics from governance and fiscal responsibility to the latest trends in educational technology and pedagogy.

Legal Guidance

Membership comes with access to legal resources, including advice, templates, and updates on current or upcoming laws and regulations that affect public education. This can be invaluable for boards seeking to navigate the complexities of education law.


The association organizes events that allow board members to interact with peers from other districts, share best practices, and gain new perspectives. This networking can lead to more innovative and effective governance.

Resource Library

Members have access to a vast array of online and print resources, including sample policies, research papers, and best practices guidelines. These resources can save time and effort when a board is tackling complex issues.

Public Relations Support

The PSBA often assists school boards in communicating their successes and challenges to the public, providing platforms and tools for effective engagement with communities and stakeholders.

Cost Savings

Many associations negotiate discounts for members on various products and services, which can result in significant savings for school districts.

Moral Support

Board members often face difficult decisions and public scrutiny. Being part of a larger, supportive organization can provide a valuable sense of community and shared purpose.

Membership in the Pennsylvania School Boards Association can offer a plethora of benefits that enhance the effectiveness, professionalism, and impact of our school board. It serves as a central hub for information, resources, and support, helping our board members to fulfill their roles as advocates for educational excellence in our community.